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'Liquid' Sample Pack

DC BREAKS present their Liquid Sample Pack, focusing on 'Liquid' and 'Intelligent' Drum and Bass. Incorporating unique drums, percussion, epic pads and lush chord & arpeggiator sequences to instantly inspire your tracks, this pack will get you rolling out the liquid vibes within minutes... 


Dissolve into some sonic bliss....


Check the video on our Production Videos page to hear what's inside.


- 20 Pads

- 30 Chord and Arpeggiator Sequences

- 25 Liquid Drum Breaks

- 25 Drum FX Breaks

- 25 Percussion Loops


(126 16bit / 44.1kHz .Wav Stereo Audio Samples - 174bpm)

'Liquid' Sample Pack

  • .zip folder (260MB) containing 16bit / 44.1kHz stereo audio files

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