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SupeRice is a startup in the food commodity space with an objective to power citizens towards a healthy living and ensuring accessibility of citizens to different variants of rice from all corners of the country. It was founded on Oct 1st, 2021.

Our founder Mr. Amar Jyoti, an alumnus of NIT Surat post working in the corporate sector for about 8.5 yrs., realized the importance of a healthy diet for long sustainable work life. When we talk about a nutritious diet, usually it is centered around processed foods like protein bars, oats, muesli, etc. But we tend to ignore the staple foods we intake in our daily meals that form the building blocks for healthy living.

Amar realized the gap in this arena where except for a few traditional age-old business houses, this market of commodity food items is highly unorganized. When it comes to rice, each state or region has its local rice variant of rice, which people usually buy from local stores in loose form. There are nearly 6000 rice varieties cultivated in India right now. Except for Basmati which is the premium variant, it is almost impossible for citizens to judge the quality & genuineness of the rice sold in loose form. In such scenarios, there is a high likelihood that their appetite for a super healthy diet going for a toss. There is another form of malpractice in place in which low/cheap quality rice gets sold in packaged form at premium rates to ensure high margins.

SupeRice aims to solve all the above-cited issues in the food commodity space and establish itself as a D2C brand of trust which people can rely upon for their daily meals. It also aims to bridge the state boundaries by bringing regional rice variants from all corners of the country to the doorsteps of households and help citizens in an informed buying process.

About 30% of Population in India migrate out of their natives in search of better employment opportunities. Out of which 25% is Inter State migrations, i.e about 10 Cr Citizens. SupeRice aims to cater in particular to this target segment by ensuring they are not deprived of their regional rice choices.

India’s agricultural GDP is about 30L Crores, which amounts to about 6K basket size per household per month. In the longer run, SupeRice aims to occupy the entire 6K basket size of the household in entirety.